Neon Lights of New York

Brooklyn Diner
‘The Finer Diner’

New York City is alight on almost every street with neon. Eye Catching and photogenic, the neon lights of the ‘USA Brooklyn DINER’ located on West 57th Street light up the street in the night.

There is a raft of reviews on the internet of the diner, and a visit later in the trip confirm what many have said before me. More of that later … I can only imagine that people are seduced by the bright lights and shiny stainless steel trim on the façade. Stainless steel it maybe, but this is no Chrysler Building!

Neon Park 'M' Park Sign, New York City
Neon Park ‘M’ Park Sign, New York City
Radio City Music Hall
A yellow cab speeds past Radio City Music Hall, New York City

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