New York City, Day 4 …

No trip to New York would be complete without a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a glorious day, even if a little chilly, so we boarded the ‘F train’ from 57th Avenue to York Street. Being six and a half years since I did the same trip, on leaving the Subway station, I did notice that there was now more going on in the area. There were more shops and more cafés, although I am probably more interested in resting my feet now than back in 2009.

C Train, York Street
The C Train slows to a stop ay York Street, Brooklyn.

First thing on the agenda was the typical Manhattan Bridge photograph. This is one of the most iconic shots of New York, demonstrated by pedestrians-come-photographers all standing in the road trying to frame the bridge between the buildings, with the Empire State Building between the supports. I had taken this shot in the past, but it had to be done again. I often wonder how other photographers manage to avoid street furniture? Other photographers photos always seem better than mine, but I neither have the skill, nor inclination to Photoshop images to remove the street furniture.

Manhattan Bridge from Front Street, Brooklyn, New York 1
Manhattan Bridge from Front Street, Brooklyn, New York 1
Manhattan from Plymouth Street
One World Observatory, Manhattan, from Plymouth Street
Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge from Plymouth Street, Brooklyn
Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge from Plymouth Street, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge
The American Flag Flies Proudly from the Brooklyn Bridge

After the stroll back across Brooklyn Bridge, it was time for lunch which was taken in Financier Patisserie on the corner of Nassau Street and Foulton Street. This was in readiness for the other classic tourist freebie thing to do, taking the Stanten Island Ferry for a ride past Liberty Island. Views of Manhattan from the ferry are excellent, although there is a mad rush on arrival at Stanten Island as many ‘5 minute trippers’ exit the ferry to run round the terminal to board the same ferry to return to Manhattan. We had a limit on time mainly due to having pre-booked tickets for the Rockefeller Center.

Manhattan from the Stanten Island Ferry
Manhattan from the Stanten Island Ferry
It's No Day at the Beach, Coney Island
The rear of a gentlemans bomber jacket claiming Coney Island, ‘Is No Day at the Beach’

Views from the Rockefeller Center are extraordinary. I’d go as far to say that they are better than the One World Observatory and the Empire State. There are two viewing platforms, which are behind glass. There are small gaps between the panes, which gives perfect opportunity for any budding photographers to squeeze their camera lens through to get a clear photograph. We timed our visit to co-inside with the sunset, so we could watch much of the city lights come alive. This was fabulous, but it seemed the world and their aunt also had the same idea.

Binoculars, Rockerfeller Observation Deck
The Empire State, One World Observatory, and Binoculars, Rockerfeller Observation Deck
Dusk Falls on the Empire State, and Lower Manahhan
An evening view from the Rockerfeller Centre Observation Deck. The Empire State, with the One World Observatory in the distance.
NYPD Strategic Response Group!
A member of the NYPD Strategic Response Group waits outside Radio City
NYPD Strategic Response Group vehicle!
A vehicle from the NYPD Strategic Response Group waits outside Radio City

Finally, a gallery of images taken on the day.

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