Digital : Remember your Battery!

It’s not the first time, and I am sure it won’t be the last. Yes, I went out with my trusty Fuji X100 with the intention of taking some shots of the poppies in the fields surrounding the area I live, without a battery installed. The overwhelming feeling of annoyance soon gave way to one of stupidity. I had already cycled some distance, so I was not to give up, after all, along with a useless Fuji X100, I also had my Yashica 124G in my bag. I have been meaning to get out with this camera for the last couple of years, but circumstances and a house move have meant it’s stayed on the shelf.

My Yashica 124G
My Yashica 124G

I bought this Yashica 124G from a eBay seller in the USA a good few years ago. It was effectively brand new, and had never had a roll of film through it. I put a roll of file through it almost as soon as I got it, and that is still in my drawer awaiting development, shamefully.

Today, I finished off the roll that was in it, which would be the second roll. It had five exposures left. I promise that I will send the rolls for development this week too. I will have to look out how to unload the film though, as it’s been so long since I did so.

In lieu of not being able to use my Fuji X100, I was able to use my iPhone 5s. In contrasting lighting conditions, it does leave a bit to be desired, but it depends on what you are looking for, photography is after all subjective …

All of the following were taken on the 8mp iPhone 5s.

North Yorkshire Field
North Yorkshire Field : iPhone 5S
North Yorkshire Poppy Field 1
North Yorkshire Poppy Field 1 : iPhone 5S
North Yorkshire Poppy Field 2
North Yorkshire Poppy Field 2 : iPhone 5S
North Yorkshire Poppy Field 3
North Yorkshire Poppy Field 3 : iPhone 5S

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