35mm Film from Yesteryear, or 2014, Maybe?

Following on from the last post, My First Film for Four Years, I have just scanned in a 35mm film. I can only assume that this has come from my Olympus Trip 35 that I mention in the previous post, as the exposure is so far off in many frames. In my defense, the rudimentary light meter doesn’t work, the lens is scratched and frankly I am amazed that the shutter even works. But what can you expect from a Brussels Flea Market for €5?

The film is a 35mm Ilford HP5, almost certainly developed when out of date, possible even exposed when out of date. Looking on how some are exposed, I suppose I should be thankful of the latitude that film offers, I doubt digital would be so forgiving.

Scanning in the films has been a complete ordeal. This is partly because my scanners are old, in terms of technology, and their support has somewhat come to an end, years ago. In fact, so long ago, the windows programs I have for them are of no use to me, as in 2009 I migrated to the Apple Mac eco-system.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 sounds the bomb, and it is when I can use it! The proprietary software that came with the scanner ceased working with a Mac OS that could quite possibly have been just black and white. My iMac at the minute is presently running OS X Yosemite [10.10.5]. To get the Scanner to operate, I am using an old version of Hamrick Viewscan. A future option might be to have the iMac Dual Boot in to an Old OS, and also OS X Yosemite. This will allow me to use the proprietary software to complete the scanning, which I do find more straight forward.

Without further ado, here is a gallery of 34 of the 36 frames. Two exposures did not come out at all. Some of the focusing is somewhat suspect, so much so with some being in focus of a similar view, I wonder if the Olympus Trip 35 is ready for the trash?

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