Nearly New Olympus Trip 35! #film

Sometime ago, I had already decided to replace my somewhat careworn Olympus Trip 35 with a refurbished one. Initially, I had thought that I could re-furb my existing Trip 35, but decided that I would value a camera for a birthday gift more. While refurbished Trip’s are available in a number of locations, I chose to get one from MarcosVintagePhoto a seller on ETSY that had good feedback, on the basis that I would get a working camera! Last time I opened a camera with a screwdriver, after a few dozen screws and a number of circuit boards, I figured it would not end well, and decided to re-assemble the camera without fixing it (Canon ISUX 400 for those that care, and I sold it as a non working camera on eBay).

So I now have had the new Trip 35 for a few weeks now, but only loaded it up with film today. Following on from the last entry 35MM FILM FROM YESTERYEAR, I hope to have some photographs from an Olympus Trip 35 up here soon. The difficult choice was which film? I went to my store of film, and found a plethora of unused film spools from freebie films from Jessops to Fuji Sensia Slide Film. Much of the film is out of date, but that just ads to the unpredictability of the results. At best my photographic results are unpredictable anyway, so another factor is of no consequence! I opted to go for the Lomography 400 ASA film in the end, although I did forget to note if that particular film was out of date. Without doubt it will have been, as it is at least four years since I last bought any.

Yellow Olympus Trip 35 & Film
Yellow Olympus Trip 35 & Film


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