Italy, Day 1 in Venice

It’s taken me some time to get round to download photos from my camera to the computer, but finally, a few photos from the holiday to Italy with my wife in September, 2016, just in case you were wondering.

Without doubt, Venice is absolutely unique. Arriving at the airport, there are several options to get to the city, from private water taxi, to the auto-bus. I have always tried to take local transport where possible, so it had to be the water-bus option. The ‘Linea Blu’, or ‘Blue Line’ as it is known is half hourly service, and since we waited half an hour for it to turn up and depart, we had clearly just missed one.

On arriving in Venice, there is just so much to see for the photographer. Every corner is a photo opportunity, or if you are me, a photo opportunity missed. Arrival was midday time, so the sun was high, and the light harsh. I am trying a different approach to my photography at the minute, and that is trying to capitalise on the light available, and not worry too much about the whole frame having the perfect exposure, whatever ‘perfect’ is.

Venice Street Scene
Strong Sunlight in the Streets of Venice pick out the Bright Pink Coloured Dress of a Local
Venice Street Scene
A Barrow catches the sunlight in the streets of Venice
Doge's Palace
Visitors to St. Marks Square shelter from the sun at Doge’s Palace

A selection of photos from the first day is below. Photos are from either my Canon 5D MkII, or my Fuji X100. I was using both cameras, but there are times when I do wonder whether it is worth carrying the Canon. Apart from the ‘zoom’ shots, to me the camera is practically redundant now.

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