Italy, Day 2 in Venice

An early start was the order of the day, to get to the ‘Rialto Markets’ before the hoards of shoppers descended on the stalls, and while the market traders set up stall.

As the sun rises in the morning on the streets, walking to the Markets via the Rialto Bridge, it was like watching a city come to life. In the two hours I spent from leaving the hotel, to returning, the streets had gone from deserted to all the hustle and bustle you would expect in any of the world’s capital cities.

The Market workers are far too busy to be bothered with photographers, they are engaged solely on the preparation of their stall, and of the produce for the days customers. You do have to remember though, that these people are working, and you are in their territory. That said I found them friendly enough, but I am far from some paparazzi style snapper. I never stayed at the markets long enough for the stalls to get busy with customers, but that gives me an excuse to go back in the future ;o)

Venice Street Scene #10
An early start for a shopkeeper, sweeping the nights detritus away from the front of his shop
Venetian Delivery Drivers
Delivery men in Venice’s Rialto Market region work hard delivering all kinds of produce ro bars and restaurants

There are easier ways to discover that a museum is closed than spending the morning walking there. Note,the Peggy Guggenheim Museum is closed on a Tuesday. With that being the case, the next destination was a browse around the ‘Castello’ region. This covers the most eastern part of the city, and the more east you go in the region, the more the tourists are outnumbered by the locals. The region also home to some quirky window displays in the residential areas. No tacky souvenir shops here, although what message exactly the home owners were trying to achieve was lost on me. This display was somewhat scary …

Window Display, Castello Region, Venice
A rather bizarre window display, at a house in the Castello Region, Venice

The rest of the days images can be browsed in the collection below …

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