Film Photography, Scanning Film of the 120 Medium Format Variety

While I have the ‘film’ photography bug, I have started scanning in a couple more of my exposed and developed films. I have also developed the remaining exposed films that I had stowed away, hopefully to arrest any ageing to the film that is taking place in the dark box.

This film was exposed maybe as far back as 4 years ago (2012), maybe that accounts for some of the colours, maybe that is my scanning, or just my ability as a photographer. The film was used in a Mamiya 645 medium format camera, which was my first experience with medium format. As the time time I was still getting used to the waist level viewfinder and the manual focus. This camera produces negatives of 6 cm by 4.5 cm. This gives 16 images from a roll of 120 film, and of course, the aspect ratio is more like traditional 35mm, just considerably larger. I have long since sold the Mamiya but my medium format journey does continue with my Yashica Mat 124G.

Scanning films is a time consuming process, and one that I can become disinterested in very quickly. I have used Peak Imaging to develop film, and have used their ‘process and scan to CD’ option too, but the price for the larger scans I believe is prohibitive, especially for me. In the meantime, the images below have been scanned on the Epson Perfection 4490 Photo.

Nardinis Café
Inside Nardinis Café, Largs, 2012
Nardini Café #1
Nardini Café, Largs 2012
Nardini Café #2
Nardini Café, Largs 2012
Red Bins
Red Bins line a back street in Glasgow, 2012
Royal Exchange Square
Royal Exchange Square 2012
Café Rouge, Royal Exchange Square
Café Rouge, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, 2012.
On the Phone
Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, 2012
Trongate Bustop
Trongate Bustop, Glasgow, 2012
Scottish Socialist
A vision of the future? A Vision of Today? A socialist party volunteer mans an empty looking stand in Argyle Street, Glasgow, 2012.
Paddys Market
The remnants of Paddy’s Market, Glasgow, 2012.
Left overs from Paddys Markets
Left overs from Paddys Markets, Glasgow, 2012
The Fish Plaice
The Fish Plaice Fish Market, Glasgow, 2012
Signs outside “The Old Ship Bank”, Saltmarket, Glasgow, 2012

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