Using Up My Expired Medium Format Film

Since attending the #MCRWLK (a walk around Manchester for like minded photography cranks) on 22nd October 2016, I have been wanting to try more film photography, mainly black & white. The problem with that is that I had over 20 rolls of colour 120 film, being a mix of Fuji & Kodak, and also, about 12 rolls of 35mm film of various quality and manufacturers. I bought the majority of the 120 film when I last had an increased interest in film photography, which is so long ago I cannot remember, possibly 2008? The 35mm film is what I have collected over the years while using film. I have never gave up film photography, but when buying a DSLR in 2005, but my throughput like everyone else’s fell through the floor.

The Problem!
The next problem with this film is that it is all expired. The remainder of what 120 film is left, expired in 2013, and while this is by no means excessive, I have no idea what the results would be like. Variability could be as much my photographic ability as much as the film.

While I am riding the crest of a film photography wave I wish to use up my remaining stash, but this is proving to take more time than I expect. Having journeyed out a few times recently with only my Yashica 124G so I am unable to dig out the digital, I now have only 8 rolls of 120 film left. Progress is slow, but I am getting there, I just need to focus on scanning too.

I have imported the scans into Adobe Lightroom, and worked on them there a little to remove any colour cast from the film, but I have scanned the whole frame. Yes, many of the images are blurred, but who states that an image must be sharp?

For some reason one of the frames of the film has not been exposed. I can only imagine that I have had the camera wound on, and the shutter has been pressed while the lens cap has been on in my bag. However, the 11 ‘good’ frames, a term I use in the loosest possible term are in the gallery below …

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