6 Month Photography Hiatus

  Kodak TMax 400
  Canon EOS 30V Date, EF 28mm f1.8

I never envisaged when I started this blog that there would be a 6 month hiatus between posts, but that is where I find myself today.

As well as struggling with lack of creative ideas, the time to dedicate to photography and associated activities such as travel, walking and development, has been difficult to find. While much of this has been purely down to laziness, a good portion has also been down to commitments at home. A few weeks ago, I developed the remaining B&W films that I had waiting. I have also purchased chemical bottles and a multi-reel developing tank from Silverpoint in readiness for colour developing, but I am still waiting to give the Tetenal Colortec C41 kit a go. I am excited to give it a go, but I want to relax and take my time while I am doing the processing.

The latest few images from my last round of development. Camera was my favourite Canon EOS 30V Date, 28mm f1.8 lens, and the film was Kodak TMax 400.

Cheese, Cheese and More Cheese
Cheese, Cheese and More Cheese
Except Cycles
Except Cycles
Looking Up, Manchester
A former warehouse built in brick, in the City of Manchester, waiting for it’s turn to be converted in to contemprary flats for the super rich to buy, and to fleece the hard working in rent.
Imperial Vodka
The Remnants of the night before, Streets of York


I have chosen only 15 frames from this film to include in the gallery below.

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